“We” and “Us” means Women Lawyers of Western Australia (Inc.) (“WLWA”)

“You” means person using or visiting this WLWA site


WLWA is committed to protecting Your privacy when You interact with Us and our content

The purpose of this Policy is to explain:

• The application of this policy;

• The kind of information which WLWA may collect about You; and

• How WLWA may disclose that information.

Policy and how it applies

The WLWA Privacy Policy applies to Personal Information collected by WLWA, whether collected through this website or otherwise.

This Policy applies only to WLWA. We do not accept any responsibility or liability for any privacy practices of third party digital services, whether or not the third party is a member of WLWA. Nor do We accept liability for content on any Member’s or third party site. Access to third party site or content is at Your own risk, including use of cookies by such other site.

We may update this Privacy Policy from time to time. If we make changes we will post these changes here.

Collection and Use of Personal Information

We collect information from You when you apply for membership or renewal of membership, apply to attend events, access this site or otherwise engage with Us.

We collect personal information for these purposes and also for purposes directly related to the efficient operation of WLWA.

Generally the types of personal information We may collect about You include email address, name, work and home addresses, contact details, and banking details relating to payment methods. This is personal information which You give to Us about You.


In providing Your personal information to Us , You consent to Our use of Your personal information, and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

By joining as a member of WLWA, You consent to Us contacting You by email in relation to WLWA’s membership services and the activities of WLWA.

Cookies and Tracking

WLWA may collect information to monitor the membership trends and numbers of members and track usage and access to this site. WLWA may use cookies for this purpose.

Cookies are small files which are shared on Your browser. Most of the data is de-identified and effectively anonymous to Us. In some cases we may collect data linked to You.

We may use this data to provide information of interest to You based on Your activity.

Disclosure and Use of Personal Information

We may disclose Your Personal information to WLWA and its committee for the purpose of managing Your membership.

We may disclose Your personal information to third parties for the following purposes:

• To provide membership services to You and other WLWA members

• For surveys and research purposes

• To conduct a Mentor program

• If permitted or required by law

• Distribution of material through WLWA mailing and contact information

• Marketing events to You and other members

• Providing information to sponsors patrons and service providers

• Otherwise with your consent.

We are assisted in providing membership services to You by a variety of third parties which may change from time to time. These may include internet service providers, event provider, cloud service provider, website management provider, technology service providers and promotion or marketing service providers.

WLWA aims to impose contractual restrictions equivalent to those imposed on WLWA under the Privacy Act with respect to the collection and use of personal information on third parties. In some cases, the ability of WLWA to do this is limited, especially with respect to social media sites. WLWA aims to consider these risks to the protection of personal information when entering into arrangements with third parties.

These third parties may be located in Australia or overseas.

We may disclose Your personal information (excluding sensitive information) to third parties for the purpose of direct marketing WLWA. In this case, You will be able to opt out of such direct marketing any time if You so choose.

WLWA will not sell or receive payment for licensing/disclosing Your personal information.

Information that You disclose publicly

Where You post information in publicly accessible places such as a chat room or a public profile on our site You may be contacted by anyone.

The number and nature of social media platforms is changing rapidly and the way in which information is shared between them is becoming increasingly legally and technically complex. We aim to provide the ability to opt out where possible. Please be aware that We may continue to use or store Your personal information provided by You prior to opting out. Your ability to opt out of a third party tool or platform will depend on the conditions governing Your agreement with that third party.

We recommend that You refrain from posting Your personal information publicly if you do not want to be contacted. Our membership registration page clearly shows which information is required for administrative purposes (available to WLWA only) and which information is optional for the purposes of creating a public profile on our site.

Use of Your Personal Information to contact You

We will take reasonable and practical steps to protect Your personal information from unauthorised access or use. We also ask You to be vigilant about the protection of Your own personal information when using social media platforms and other third party digital services.



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